Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Jane Smith this morning spoke to her devotees on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast in an interview with Sami Muirhead and the breakfast team. Jane took the word of spiritual development through home improvement to the holy land of spiritual renovation, to the people of Sunshine Beach and Tewantin, and the Noosa River, the very Ganges of home improvement. Jane recited Kea's famous maxim "out is good, then in is good", and spoke of how at his ashram in India she had first read his famous book "I, Kea". Thanks to Sami - and the best of luck to the boys at finding their inner shelf!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our daily routine in Kea's ashram of course included yoga.

I had done a bit of yoga back at home, being an Iyengar brown belt, but my master introduced us to his own form of yoga. Kea’s view is that in the West, yoga is fake because it pretends to be about spiritual things but really it’s just about fashion and body obsession. My master’s technique is much truer unto itself.

Called Pradah Yoga, it is an exercise, breathing and positive visualisation regime all in one. It has poses like “Stretch for Success”, which is a powerful extension with fingertips at full stretch towards a visualised luxury necessity, and “The Ostrich”, which is a full headstand on the floor, which allows you to ferret out any kipple that might have accumulated under your bed, a notorious kipple hot-spot.

During their daily Pradah Yoga routine, the novice is taught to powerfully visualise all the good things of life - stocks and shares, waterfront homes, European cars, designer clothes and precious jewels and objet’s d’art which will inevitably begin to cascade towards them from the simple act of tackling their kipple and confronting their shelves.

Our days were not only taken up with lectures and yoga though, as they are in other ashrams. Kea also had a host of very helpful practical techniques, and our afternoons were spent in the Domestic Core Design, Shelving Assembly Instructions Comprehension, Allen Key Specialisation and Basic Internal Maintenance huts. Our master had thought of everything, you see, but that is what makes him a guru.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jane Smith's new book at Sydney University

Blissings upon you all at Sydney University... Today, Wednesday 8 April 09, is a special day. I am reaching out to you all as my chosen Devotees through offerings of my new book, 'Finding the Shelf Within'. Like lotus petals on the wind you will find an abundance of copies on campus, and for those who seek them out, each will have a cover sticker coloured to match their aura!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IT's OUT NOW... 'Finding the Shelf Within' has just been released in Australia...